T’ogikwatako, Gikwateko Groups Unite For Independence Fete In UK

By Henry Mulindwa

Uganda’s 55th Independence was celebrated in style in London. Whereas in back in Kampala the opposition shunned the celebrations that were held in Bushenyi, in United Kingdom it was a different story.

Hosted by Uganda’s new High Commissioner to UK Julius Peter Moto, the function took place at the Royal Horse guards-London. According to NRM UK-chapter Diaspora chairman Drake Wakame, the event attracted all Ugandans in UK Diaspora and above all, it brought together both T’ogikwatako and Gikwateko groups.

“The High Commission invited various stake holders who included Diaspora Representatives of Uganda’s Cultural institutions that included but were not limited to Buganda, Bunyoro, Tooro, Teso and Busoga Kingdoms, Inzu Ya Masaaba of Bagisu, Tieng Adhola and many others” Drake Wakame told us from London.

He said that also in attendance were representatives of all Uganda’s Political Parties including the ruling party the NRM UK & Ireland Chapter [which he heads], Forum for Democratic Change, Democratic Party and other parties but they all celebrated in harmony as Ugandans in Diaspora.

He said that the NRM Diaspora League National Chairman Abbey Kigozi Walusimbi was represented by Ms. Charity Baira who is the National Treasurer of the NRM Diaspora League.

“I want to confirm that this chapter [UK] members support the Magyezi Age Limit Amendment Bill. Our position as Diaspora league is informed by the fact that western democracies on which Uganda’s parliamentary democracy was built have no age limits. Britain has no age limits. I therefore wonder as to why Uganda’s human resource should be limited and infringed upon. The Resource in President Museveni’s vast experience is vital and unmatched elsewhere in Africa. Ugandans should be very proud of this resource and return H.E Museveni resoundingly in 2021” Baira told the gathering.

Meanwhile, High Commissioner Moto called upon Ugandans to unite for the sake of the country’s development. He urged investors to bring their investments to Uganda because the NRM Government had guaranteed a stable environment for business.

Wakame informed this website that the Diaspora is more determined today than ever before to implement the manifesto commitment of the NRM particularly on Wealth creation.

“We are seeking views and rural investment partners to join hands with the Uganda government to accomplish the wealth creation programme” he said.