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Squeezing Competition In Pictures

Uganda’s well known party animals say there is nothing they would rather do than organizing a squeezing competition.

These party animals decided to squeeze themselves while sipping a beer Photo: Amon Buwembo

The squeezing dance style is one of the best in the world and they revealed that someday, there might even be a place for them in the Olympics.

As always, they are good at this style and they are champions

The girl showed stamina by serving to masters at ago Photo: Amon Buwembo

The event was secretly held at Freedom city in Kampala over the weekend

The participants were seen disappearing into each other and our eagle eyed snoops were on the ground to capture the moments of the night.

Attacking from behind made the girl go gaga Photo: Amon Buwembo
He was really enjoying the dance  Photo: Amon Buwembo


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