Socialite Haliima, Lover Feud Over Miami Trip

We have uncovered a disturbing feud going on between socialite Haliima Diamond and her lover Musoke Majwega, following her overstay in the USA.

Haliima flew out of the country with a group of her party brigade to attend the Ugandans in North America Association (UNAA) convention, which was held in Miami on September 2, 2017.

It is revealed that Haliima was expected to return to the country after the UNAA convention was concluded. However, reports reveal that the socialite embarked on merry making that has seen her still enjoying life in Miami which has created bickering with her lover Samuel Majwega.

It is said that Haliima’s lover is worried after rumour surfacing that all Ugandans who went to the US to participate in the Ugandans in North America Association (UNAA) convention allegedly had ulterior motives that differ from the annual UNAA Convention’s aims and objectives.

This is because although the UNAA Convention is meant to unite Ugandans in the Diaspora with those from Uganda and it usually involves lots of fraternizing, the event has since turned into a hedonistic festival of sorts.

It was rumoured that the event was marred with organised immoral stuffs. Sources say that this is the rumour that has left Majwega in total worry as Haliima has extended her stay in Miami to almost two months of partying.

We hear the two lovers are always on phone arguing over her return to Kampala. Haliima is a serial partier who has been on the social scene for some good time.

It is said that Haliima hooked loaded businessman Majwega, who is behind MK Publishers and is the one who facilitates her lavish lifestyle.