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Rare Dance Strokes At The Bikini Car Wash

Eh ….i think i am dreaming, this gentle man cannot believe his eyes (All Photos by Micheal Kakumirizi)

This dancing style is a sexy; it is a wondrous beach experience to dance when putting on a bikini. It is really amazing and exciting.

This gentleman was in another world during the dance session

They showed us the dance moves that make you feel like getting on stage to join them.

Escape at your risk……he could not survive these bikini dancers

This dance style is a little bit more than exciting because you will witness how these beautiful girls look and the things that they like to do at night, hear what they are looking for in a man.

Revellers were left speechless by the moves involved in the dance

The extremely attractive and sexy girls will simply take your breath away with their beauty and the way how they wiggle their waists while approaching a man.

Attacking her from behind was the best move this dude could take

It was a bikini Car Wash at Spennah beach in Entebbe on Saturday July 27,  where this rare style of dance was showcased.

Enjoying the three-some was experience that left the dude rioting down stairs

The place was filled to capacity and the revelers were extremely happy and excited by the dance style.

The revelers enjoyed the dance to the fullest
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