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Prince Wasajja Off The Shelf

Prince-Wassajja and Marion Nankya

Daughter of Bukoto South MP, Marion Nankya has introduced the brother of the Kabaka, Prince David Kintu Wasajja in her parent’s home in Nalumunye, Mutundwe in Wakiso district.

Prince Wasajja was accompanied by the Buganda treasurer, JB Walusimbi and executive representing Kwagalana group among others.

Prince Wasajja was known for being one of the most eligible bachelors in the country.

He is 46 years old while Nankya is 27 years old. Prince Wasajja holds a Bachelors of Arts degree from Nottingham University in the United Kingdom and worked with Pan World Insurance and Celtel Uganda (Airtel).

Nankya, works at Wildplaces Africa, a Tours and Travel company and holds a degree in Business Administration and Management of Nkozi University.

The couple’s wedding is expected to take place next year in April. As of now, their wedding is the most anticipated of 2013. Prince Wasajja is the youngest son of the late Kabaka Muteesa II who had 17 children and his mother was Winifred Keihangwe, an Ankole princess.


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