Police Spill Secrets On KAKI Tycoon Gun

By Stuart Yiga

The Criminal Investigations Police directorate in Kibuli has trashed reports that city businessman Tom Kaaya of the Kaki Investments fame carries illegal guns.

Addressing the press yesterday, Criminal Investigations Police Spokesperson Vincent Ssekate noted that they had received a report from city businessman Sam Buchanan indicating that Tom Kaaya Kigoonya alias KAKI threatened him with over seven guns when he had gone to demand him his money. However, evidence from police indicates that Kaaya was cleared to have a firearm on December 15, 1997 by Col. William Omarir LoArapai and as a condition; he (Kaaya) has been renewing his gun license every year.

“As far as I know, we have not seized any illegal firearms from Kaaya’s home as Buchanan was spreading it in different media houses. Since he claimed to have been threatening with several guns, we sent our officers on ground but nothing like illegal guns were recovered,” Ssekate said.

He however advised Kaaya to report all the officers that could have used their offices after receiving ‘something’ to embarrass him so that the Police Professional Standards Unit works on them accordingly.

It is alleged that using his office, a senior police officer ‘syndicated’ with others to embarrass Kaaya with arrests in order to depict him as a crook.

On Wednesday last week, a team of detectives from CIID headquarters in Kibuli raided the headquarters of KAKI INVESTIMENTS, claiming to have been sent to arrest Kaaya over being in possession of several illegal firearms.

The document which clearly show that KAKI paid Buchanan all his money

Kaaya who was from attending a meeting with his drivers, reportedly asked the plain and uniformed policemen who claimed they had been sent by Senior Commissioner of Police (SCP) William Kototyo to drive their two patrol vehicles and vacate his premises in peace.

The following day (Thursday), at around 7:00am, the puzzled tycoon (KAKI) jumped on a boda boda and rushed straight Kototyo’s office seeking to know why he had sent him men to arrest him at night even before issuing him any notice.

“So you’re the one who is called Tom Kaaya alias KAKI, why did you refuse to cooperate when I sent my men to you?” Kototyo reportedly asked Kaaya before advising him to sort his issues with Buchanan.

The police search certificate which cleared Tom Kaaya from illegal gun claims

Sources say there was a serious exchange between Kaaya and Kototyo as Buchanan (who was later called to the scene) and others looked on.  Later Police took statements from Kaaya before he was escorted to Kabalagala Police station where he was detained before his release on bond. On learning that the suspect had been released on bond, the investigating officer protested at Kabalagala and even threatened to quit the case.

Kaaya claims that when he reported back the following morning, Kototyo refused to extend his bond, claiming that those that had ordered for his release should do it again.

Today (Monday), Kaaya is expected to be back at Kibuli as investigations into the matter continue.

Meanwhile, Kaaya alleges that Buchanan has been sending him and wife messages threatening to kidnap all their children.

“Why is Police accepting to be used in battles of money? Where is our country heading to?” he lamented.

Kaaya however says that his battles with Buchanan originate from a money lending transaction between them but which the latter wants to craftily profit from at the former’s expense. Evidence of these claims is contained in an addendum dated October 10, 2016 between Tom Kaaya of Mengo Ssentema road Mengo and Sam Buchanan of Bukasa-Muyenga. In it, the two agreed to convert the agreements dated March 7, 2016 and June 6, 2016 from a sales agreement to a loan agreement. The amount of money that was also converted in the said agreements was one billion nine hundred and forty million shillings (Shs1,940,000,000) and all this money was to be paid not later than December, 2016. On the day the addendum was made, Kaaya paid Buchanan Shs586,000,000 in the presence of Thomas Sekiziyivu, Abdul Kasagga and Kayongo Musisi. On 21st October, 2016, Buchanan also acknowledged receipt of Shs342,000,000 from Kaaya and on 18th November, 2016 with Shs614,000.000 and Shs450,000,000 respectively.

“I paid Buchanan all his money but he is insisting that he still demands me some interest; that’s why he had mounted pressure on me so that I surrender my property in Mengo to him,” Kaaya added.

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