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PHOTOS: Ugandans Out To Kill The Night

During the night, there are people who go out to kill the night either by the way they are dressed or the way they look, our snoops went out and got some of those who totally killed the night. Watch out next time you could actually blind those who see you, check out some of those who totally made it impossible for people to enjoy their night because of staring at them.

bonnie and clyde or romeo and juliet

There is no limit for Kampala’s crazy citizens when it comes to partying.

Me and my boobs came for the show

Kampala is full of red hot and sexy single babes, the pictures show bits of what happens in our dusty capital city during the night.

Coke makes me drunk, this gal seems to tell us

From all corners of the city, they storm night hangouts ready to wash away the day’s stress. Our pictures tell it all.

Could this be beauty and the beast?

During the night, booze takes over most party animals.

WTF i rock, ryt?


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