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Photos: Dave Dash Disappears Into Bootylicious, Yummy Babe

Over the weekend, Radio City and NTV presenter Dave Dash was in paradise as he danced with a yummy Bootylicious babe in Kabalagala.

Dave Dash unleashing his rare dance strokes onto the yummy babe. Photo: Elisha Muloki

Dave Dash, who enjoyed the dance to the fullest, was seen smiling and whispering sweet nothings in the yet to babe’s ears.

Dave Dash disappears into the rear queen as sweat starts to gush out of her thighs. Photo: Elisha Muloki

The two squeezed each other for over five hours until sweat started gushing out of the babe’s thighs.

the really seemed to be in another world as they danced together. Photo: Elisha Muloki

The sweat made some parts of the skirt wet and once could easily think that it’s El Niño.

Smiling and whispering at each other showed that they bonded well. Photo: Elisha Muloki

Revelers were left shocked because Dave Dash pulled out rare strokes that mesmerized the yummy rear queen.

Dave enjoyed wrapping his small arms on the babana curved hips of the yummy babe. Photo: Elisha Muloki


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