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Photos: Amooti ‘Bonks’ Live On Stage

Amalula Family boss Amooti Omubalanguze shocked everyone when he brought a naked girl on stage and slept on her.

Amooti on Stage and seemed to be in a bonking position

Amooti was performing at the Jinja road based Club Amnesia last week.

According to Eyewitnesses, Amooti was performing his jokes and one involved sleeping on top of a woman.

Amooti changes position. He makes her lean against the wall

“He brought the half naked girl on stage and slept on top of her as revelers cheered him,” said the eyewitness.

After the Skit, horny dudes who were in the night club bombarded her and did all sorts of sexual assaults.

The almost  naked girl hails from Bugisu and she has been identified as Susan Taaka a resident of Katwe near Hollywood.

A few moths ago, Amooti turned into a ‘Pastor’ and touched the private parts of girls claiming that he was praying for them.

Amooti gets her down again
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