Otto Lashes At Minister Evelyn Anite

Odonga Otto, the Aruu county Member of Parliament, has lashed out at Minister for Investment and Privatising Evelyn Anite.

Anite alleged last week that Otto speaks under the influence of booze and that he was scheming for money from State House and when he didn’t get it, he refused to support the presidential Age lifting bill.

Otto attacked Anite in a lengthy statement which reads thus;

Evelyn Anite,

You abused me on TV alleging I was drunk while in the House and alleging I wanted money from Museveni in State House.

With your thick head you imagine State House is a preserve for nincompoops like you.. the last one month I was In state house twice:

  1. Firstly to take the Indian delegation that had made a return visit to meet the President. Myself and all the Parliamentary Commissioners were both in India and State House.
  2. Secondly when the president requested to meet me and Acholi leaders over land issues in Apar. The first time I declined and the meeting collapse the second time I went.

So for you Evelyn Anite to allege I went to State House to get money from Museveni shows how narrow minded you are.

You alleged that I was drunk in the house and was drink-driving.

In the morning of Tuesday parliamentary football club I being the chairman were playing football at KCCA grounds then my wife dropped me to parliament in a Ford and she drove off to the law firm as I entered parliament. For you to allege I was drunk… GBU

In my 17 years as a distinguished and senior legislator this is far below the belt and professional lack courtesy.

This same kind of media outburst on me was by Betty Amogin.

So beware you have dug your own grave and you have made the biggest political mistake of your life…. And I will use all means at my disposal on this planet earth to ensure you get worldly justice in a language you will best understand I prophesy.

I am a long distance runner you will receive the following:

  1. Court papers by Monday latest.
  2. A petition for apology whilst in the floor of the house.
  3. Later I will travel koboko to address the people there.
  4. I curse you not to see your 40th birthday.

I am so offended, my family is offended, Aruu county if offended, Acholi is offended Uganda is offended….. You will get me with your elongated mouth and proboscis.

The menstration cycle blood that wets your pants every month is the same that my wife undergoes you have no favour to use your dirty unkissable mouth to mess my name.

Hon. Odonga Otto

MP Aruu County”

However, Anite is yet to reply to Otto’s bitter statement.

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  1. Honestly. Otto I do understand how much hurt you are by foolish utterances from small minded and greedy people like the Anites of this country But please don’t make yourself look like them. Use your honourable position to be honourable in what you say. Anite’s menses has nothing to do with her political stupidity because that’s the pride of every fertile woman.

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