Kumi Leaders Pocket 0.5m Each To Back Life Presidency

Kumi woman MP Monica Amoding has j released the following statement claiming her district councilors last evening pocketed Shs500,000 each where after they have voted for life presidency under tight security.


Kumi District Councillors have finally succumbed to 500,000 paid out to them in the night in the home of Hon Akiror Agnes, Minister of Teso Affairs to pass a resolution in support of lifting the age limit after an earlier failure in the last Council Sitting when members were greatly divided.

After weeks of haggling on the amounts of money to be paid since the failed attempt in which members were again paid 200,000 this Council Members agreed to sit with only 2 items: Communication from the Chair and Resolution on Lifting of Age Limit in the Constitution.

This Council Sitting was done under heavy security deployment of police around the District Chambers were no single human being was expected to go 200 metres near the chambers and no Government workers in the building except the Councillors.

The Minister who ferried her kinsmen from Mukura(Ngora) with some ‘Kanyamas’ to March in town support of the Council while threatening to beat up any dissenters.