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Jose Chameleone Provoked To Change Clothes

East Africa’s heavy weight and Leone Island music boss Jose Chameleone has been dared to at least change clothes once in a while.

Jose Chameleone is famously known for putting on a blue Pair of trousers and a checked blue sleeveless shirt.

Jose Chameleone has been dared to change clothes

“Don’t you earn enough money to buy new clothes? You seem to post pictures from different times, countries and still have on the same shirts or jackets you wore five years ago. Get a stylist or buy new clothes you can afford it. If you can’t!! Then think about not posting pictures in the same gear all the time,” Jackie Rwagize posted on Jose Chameleone’s official Facebook page.

Some of Chameleone’s diehards attacked Jackie Rwagize on Facebook and it turned out to be a cold war with Facebook acting as a battle field.

Jose Chameleone was spotted in the past few months with the same attire at Cayenne

Pazo Robz bitterly replied Jackie in these words; “Jackie style up your mind eeh…eeh…you are soon writing to Besigye to also change the shirt….people are used to many and it’s not a show off show that makes Jose great. He gets people like you who live just to notice bad on him……big up Jose tour with her and show her new designs not on you.”

Aaron Paddy M, Chameleone’s fan also attacked Jackie and this is what he posted; “Jackie Rwagize you must b too idle of yourself to have time of counting and noticing when Chameleone changes clothes, colours, shoes etc… You think designer collections are like sanitary pads you use once and throw….!!!”


Jose Chameleone and Former FDC Leader Jose Chameleone.
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