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Pictures: Juliana, Gaetano In Love

The affair between Juliana has not been well documented until on Sunday when all was put to bear.

PRINCE CHARMING ARRIVES; Juliana beams with a smile as Gaetano greets Kahunde (Photo: Elisha Muloki)

While at Blankets and Wines at Uganda museum grounds, Juliana and Gaetano spent close to thirty minutes whispering sweet nothings into each other’s ears.

The two totally disappeared into each other that they didn’t seem to care whoever was watching them.

Getano Prepares to have a chat with her by kneeling (Photo: Elisha Muloki)

Juliana was seated with her friends who included Lillian, Karitas and her sister Kahunde.

All the time she spent talking to Gaetano she didn’t seem like she wanted to know that her friends had been neglected.

You and I are inseparable and will always be one (Photo: Elisha Muloki)

When she saw him approach, she opened her arms wide and gave him a warm hug.

Then she pulled him close to her face and whispered a few words that saw Gaetano burst in laughter.

‘You still look as hot as yesterday,’ he seems to tell her (Photo: Elisha Muloki)

Later they held hands tight like they had struck a deal and he walked away shaking his head.

I don’t know what deal these two struck but it seems it had a lot to do with love,” a snoop who was following Juliana revealed.

I would be smiling so seriously if you meant your words (Photo: Elisha Muloki)
The two pose for a snap as Juliana leans on Gaetano’s chest (Photo: Elisha Muloki)
Oh no Gae, you dont have to kneel for me (Photo: Elisha Muloki)
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