Red Pepper Uganda

In Pictures: Bootylicious & Juicy Babes That Graced The Mafikizolo VIP Concert

Whoever said that Uganda is a pearl of Africa should be given another round of liquor for describing the truth about the country.

The Juicy, Bootylicious, gorgeous and beautiful hot babes that graced the Mafikizolo VIP concert at Serena hotel on Sunday was a true reflection that Uganda really deserves to be the pearl of Africa.

Her black pants displayed real organisational structure of her juicy body

The babes flocked the concert at a terrific rate and it’s like they were being chased away from their homes.

This babe looked so cute, sexy and gorgeous

Dudes in the elite class that attended the show were treated to a mega optical banquet throughout the show.

No doubt she was the rear queen of the night

Due to the whopper riots that kept on occurring simultaneously left many horny dudes pocketing in order to avoid the embarrassment of the swollen third leg.

Most of the babes had banana curved hips and the rear view was eye catching.

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