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GoodLyfe Attacks Kabushenga In New Song


TROUBLESOME GOODLYFE Crew boyz Moze Radio and Weasel TV are back to their old games.

Snoops have reliably learnt that the singing duo has attacked Vision Group boss, Robert Kabushenga in their latest beef song. The song titled ‘Ba Customer’ apparently rips Kabushenga apart for ordering a media blackout on the group in all its outlets. “The singers are claiming that the company used to feature and link them up but now it’s a different story” a snoop revealed.

To make matters worse, the ‘Can’t Let You Go’ singers have sued the group in what they believe were defamatory publications against them. However, this isn’t the first time the pair have outed controversial songs. It is known that their popular hits songs like Bread and Butter, Zuena were songs directed at Bebe Cool whom they used to beef with a few years back. But the most remembered was ‘Ekiduula’ that was sung to hit back at the number one night spot in Kampala Ange Noir and its proprietor Charlie Lubega.

This was after the pair and their music was banned from the club. They were however pardoned after apologising to Lubega. They stepped foot inside again early this year.

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