Fortebet Punter, Rock Star Is New Spanish King Of Betting

When you tell Rock Star, everybody is thinking of Mick Jagger, Bruce Springsteen or Bono Vox. But now the times are changing under the guidance of ForteBet.

Rock Star has became a new Spanish King of betting because the punter with this nickname has won 110 million UGX! During the last weekend the most of the fans watching on TV the games of World Cup Qualification but Rock Star has chosen and put on his betting slip 18 games from Spanish La Liga 2 and Spanish Segunda Division (3rd League).

Four of these matches were from La Liga 2 and rest of them from the four groups of the 3rd League. Rock Star bet only the wins of home teams.

A few games were undecided until the last minutes and the real drama was played in Elche. The home team have lost in the game against Ontinyent after the red card in the 67th minute the midfielder Manuel Sanches.

Elche had to play in 10 men but they have scored from the penalty kick the winning goal by Nino in the 89th minute! Elche have won 1-0 and Rock Star could celebrate a fantastic winning 110 million UGX! Congratulations!

Naturally the win was paid immediately.

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