Favour Of God Ministries Clarifies On Its Management

On behalf of Favour of God Ministries in Uganda, and its founder and Director, Carole Ward; we respond to the various newspaper articles and on line publications, that have been circulated with false and malicious information, about the Organization and its management, particularly, its founder. from 2010 to date. This is the only statement being made truthfully and publicly, to date, in defense, and on behalf of the organization and its integrity.

Favour of God Ministries is a Non-Governmental Organization with demonstrable repute and integrity, duly registered under the Laws of Uganda. It has been in operation for the last twelve years in Northern Uganda to date, majorly focusing on the benefit of children, women, churches, and the community at large; spiritual and humanitarian programs; among others, a primary school, house of prayer, radio station, community development, Church planting program, Bible and resource distribution, leadership development, community health, women’s empowerment, literacy, youth and children’s training, trauma counseling, prison and military programs.

The source of malice against the Organization is originating from Benjamin Oteka, a self-appointed “pastor’, who was a former employee of Favour of God Ministries, and who was dismissed from the organization for insubordination, polygamy, threats on lives, and dishonesty. In revenge, he and several other former ‘pastor’ employees of the organization, compiled a list of many ‘forged’ and unofficial signatures of Gulu church leaders, and in connivance of unscrupulous persons in a scheme to take control of ministry property. They wrote and published defamatory articles against the founder Carole Ward and the Organization, aimed at undermining the integrity of the ministry, and portraying to the donors that the Organization is unworthy of support and or dealing with; however these criminal actions have not yielded any success, as we are still being funded and growing.

Oteka Benjamin currently has both criminal and civil cases, filed against him by the government of Uganda, in Kampala and in Gulu. One is for recovery of money that he fraudulently diverted for his own use by misdirecting funds from one particular donor, through western union wires. Another case, for theft of equipment, and another completed case, for threatening violence. Several other criminal charges have been filed, and he was held in Luzira Prison and then Gulu Prison before getting bail.

In June, 2017, Oteka was found on two counts of threatening violence and convicted to 2 ½ years imprisonment, serving the sentences concurrently. Victims of this threatening violence were Favour of God Ministries leadership and staff.

Oteka and some of the other ‘co- pastors’ have continued to issue threats and verbal assaults against the organization, stating they want the property, the assets, and the control of its finances. Criminal charges against them are still being investigated by Police and CID (FBI) officers. Some have been arrested for their statements or actions, and leaders of this group, include, Apire Victor, Pastor Onen Martin of Gulu Bible Community Church, Pastor Janani Loum, leader of National Fellowship of Born Again Churches, Francisco Onencan, with others.

Favour of God ministry, has tight accounting procedures, secure bank to bank wires into and out of Country banks and has committed partners, who send directly into the Organization’s accounts, on line, or through their fixed ministry address. The organization has regular audits, follows accounting policies and procedures, accurate quick books records, and multiple signatures on the financial decision-making, and use of all designated and operational funds. They have received numerous grants from western as well as local foundations, and have been impeccable in their follow up and reporting systems. They have a Board of Directors in place in Uganda, as well as in the US. This has been the standard of operations, for the last 12 years to date and much appreciated by the donors.


Legal Advisors and Board of Directors

‘Masanga and Company Advocates’