Farida Ndausi Back To Nigerian Film Star Lover

Reports coming in reveal that actress Farida Nambi Ndausi is in Nigeria and has reunited with her longtime lover Emeka Ike.

Some years back Farida was reportedly dating Emeka and it was one of the reasons her former husband Peter Ndawula aka Omulangira Ndausi was forced to file for divorce.

She had moved on with Emeka and the two were reportedly living together as man and wife in Lagos. However, after a year together in Nigeria, Farida developed a mystery illness which saw her evacuated to Kampala. It was later linked to Nigerian voodoo.

Latest info in the corridors reveals that Farida is back in Nigeria and has already reconciled with this Nigerian movie star. The two are partying like crazy and she is ‘dying’ to share the news with her close friends.

The saucy actress revealed that this time she is planning to get involved in Nigeria movies courtesy of Emeka.