Exclusive: Why Besigye’s Top Aide Got Death Threats

Exclusive: Why Besigye’s Top Aide Got Death Threats

By Our Reporter

30/12/2012:  LIFE of one Andrew Atumere a born of Soroti District now working with the Parliament of Uganda in the library and research department is in total danger after unknown men called him and threatened to finish him off if he doesn’t stop leaking sensitive information to Forum for Democratic Change (FDC), the leading opposition political party in the country.

Atumere who was recruited to this department in 2007 is known to be Dr. Besigye’s top aide who has Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) party at heart, and he is a staunch member.

Some sources in the party take him as Dr. Besigye’s blue eyed boy and is believed to have been planted into such a sensitive parliamentary department to spy for opposition, an assignment he has religiously executed for years until recently when the ruling government agents in opposition unearthed him.

Orders were given to force Atumere cross to the ruling NRM party or else; they deal with him directly.

“Am receiving life threating calls and today is the third time. Since last year, callers warn me to stop working for FDC or else; i lose not only my job but even life. They offend me for aiding the opposition party with legislation analysis/scrutinizing government budgets and expose the loopholes hence making Uganda ungovernable.” Atumere told a friend at Paliament.

He said, “Am worried, the last caller sounded like it is time to start preparing my grave because i have become defiant to their request. Yes, I can’t allow to be compromised, i can’t be corrupted, but my life is in danger. These guys are threatening to end my life.”

It was just days after Atumere told a friend how unknown people were monitoring his movements that he was rounded up at Kisementi, Kamwokya a Kampala suburb near Kololo airstrip, beaten up by goons said to have been on a mission to kill him only to be saved by bodaboda (motorcycle) riders who converged in bigger numbers and asked what was going on!

The attackers jumped into their waiting car and speeded off!

Atumere was rushed to a nearby hospital to get treatment.

Who are these people wanting  Besigye’s aide dead?

There are reports of political torture in Uganda especially to the FDC loyal members whose leader brands Museveni, an illegitimate president that he lost the elections although Electoral Commission announced him the winner.

Since last year’s contested elections, there have been demonstrations in the country code named ‘Walk to Work’ which has left Museveni’s government shaking.

The parliament has run wild, and insiders in government think people like Atumere are seriously aiding opposition by giving them dependable data about corrupt tendencies in the system.

It’s  alleged, such minds have  to be dealt with and cleared.

Last month, Atumere who had left Parliament to attend FDC’s party elections held at Nambole National Stadium in Uganda, little did he know that some people in a dark blue Saloon car were trailing him.

He later sensed danger and quickly called a friend who wisely advised him to drive to a busy and crowded area.

“I exactly did it to Nakawa market area where my friends later picked and drove me away.”

Asked why he doesnt open a police case against people who wanted him dead, Andrew laughed off and told his colleague, “Reporting them where? What if those you are reporting to are the ones making calls threatenning your life?”


While working in the library and research department st Parliament,  Andrew came to be known by outspoken MP Cerina Nebanda, Butaleja district woman legislator.

Nebanda approached Andrew and asked him to give assistance in research for the newly formed Parliamentary Forum for Oil and Gas (PFOG).

This forum was assigned with a responsibility of overseeing the dealings between the Uganda government and exploration companies.

For starters, the secrecy of these dealings had given rise to suspicions that they were inappropriate.

Being an expert in research, Andrew did a remarkable job for MP Nebanda and her team. It was  discovered that some government high ranking ministers were directly involved in corruption during the signing of these deals.

Ministers’ names mentioned included; internal affairs minister, Energy and Minerals minister Hillary Onek, foreign affairs minister Sam Kutesa,  Attorney General Peter Nyombi, Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi and others.

There was too much tension in The House, MPs asked the said ministers to resign, and oil deals revoked. This campaign was led by MPs Cerina Nebanda, Muhammad Nsereko, Milton Muwuma among others.