DWON LUO Newspaper Resumes with Quality, Accurate and Balanced News 

After going off the market for a while due to unavoidable technical constraint, the Pepper Publications Limited management is happy to announce the rebirth of Northern Uganda vernacular newspaper, Dwon Luo.

The management greatly send apologizes to the general public, the ardent readers, advertisers and the people of northern Uganda after the paper went off sight.

However, the good news is that the newspaper you have been rushing every Mondays to get is back for good.

“Our heartfelt love for the people of northern Uganda, West Nile and Uganda at large when we went off was widely felt. You stood with us and dedicated little resources to buy a copy of well packed Dwon Luo,” Milton Emmy Akwam, the DWON LUO Chief Editor says.

Milton Emmy Akwam, Chief Editor, DWON LUO

Akwam further promised ardent readers of quality, balanced and professional reporting that will be based on facts and accuracy at all time.

Kawuma Danny Jim, the Pepper Publications Circulation Manager says the well packaged Dwon Luo will cater for the interests of all readers across the country that are well acquainted with Luo language.

“We will ensure and continue to promise our readers and advertisers that every Monday we are on the market at affordable price [Shs1, 000] only,” he said.

Mr. Kawuma added that those who have been getting difficulties in accessing copy of the newspaper before, will access it from every part of the country this time.

Copies of DWON LUO will be got from vendors across the country, supermarket and agents country wide.

For feedback on our stories, for story proposal or advertisement, don’t hesitate to call or write to the Chief Editor or any editors on the
following contacts.

Email: akwamemma@gmail.comeditorial.dwonluo@gmail.com

Phone contact: +(256) 783250947, WhatsApp: +(256) 700702961

Facebook: @DwonLuoNewz