Don’t Fight Anti-Age Limit Crusaders – RDC

By Andrew Cohen Amvesi     

Arua: Peter Debele, the Arua RDC early this week shocked the nation when he asked Ugandans not to fight people opposed to the lifting of the controversial Presidential age limit cap from the Constitution of the Republic of Uganda.

Debele instead asked locals to treat people demanding for Article 102b of the Constitution to remain intact as their own brothers and sisters.

“Don’t fight those people putting on red ribbons on their heads because they are entitled to their views. Each person has a democratic right to debate over age limit,” Debele stated.

The RDC made the remarks while commissioning the works on the 10km Onduparaka – Andelizua road at Onduparaka trading center in Pajulu Sub County, Arua district on Tuesday.

The road will be worked upon using the new road equipment worth billions of shillings distributed by government to all districts in Uganda.

Debele, who presided over the function, used the opportunity to call upon Ugandans to respect each person’s views on the contested age limit debate.

“Each person has a right to raise his or her own view on the age limit debate. Whether bad like feaces or good, please respect it regardless of the person’s status,” Debele warned.

Debele said the same should apply to the land amendment bill which is also in offing.

“Nobody should come to confuse you to fight over the age limit and land amendment bill since you are brothers and sisters,” Debele stressed.

He however asserted that as security, they are ready to arrest and jail any person, who will take the law in his hands to start fighting people over the two crucial bills that have raised eyebrows in the Country.

On the other hand, Debele directed that the two graders which have arrived as part of the district’s road equipment must not be used for doing private work apart from working on the gazzetted access roads in the district.

Sam Wadri Nyakua, the Arua district Chairman decried the poor state of 1,600km access road networks in the district saying once worked upon, locals should use them to improve on their household income.

Meanwhile, Benard Atiku, the Ayivu County MP promised to follow up a pledge recently made by President Yoweri Museveni to give additional road equipment for Arua for being one of the biggest districts in Uganda.