Alcohol-fuelled sleep ‘less satisfying’

A tipple before bedtime may get you off to sleep faster but it can disrupt your night’s slumber, say researchers who have reviewed the evidence. The London Sleep Centre team says studies show alcohol upsets […]

Study Reveals Energy Drinks Can Cause Heart Problems

The number of people receiving emergency treatment because they consumed energy drinks has spiked  over the past few years. With its ever increasing popularity, and availability, the energy drink industry has seen huge growth as […]

Coca-cola Could Cure Stomach Blockages

Coca-cola is an effective cure for stomach blockages because of its chemical composition and bubbles. That’s the claim of a new study. Researchers at the Medical School of Athens University studied already published academic papers […]

Scientists Make Insulin Breakthrough, End Of Needles Near

In a major breakthrough that could help millions of diabetics, Australian researchers have solved a 20-year mystery which could spell the end of daily injections. The new knowledge on how insulin works at a molecular […]

India Denies Exporting Fake Medicine to Uganda

Delhi denial follows claims a third of anti-malarial drugs in Uganda and Tanzania could be counterfeit or substandard India has denied claims that it has exported large quantities of counterfeit medication to Africa, after the […]

Scientists Develop Aids Vaccine That Slows HIV Growth

A team of Spanish researchers say they have developed a therapeutic vaccine that can temporarily break growth of the HIV virus in infected patients. The vaccine, based on immune cells exposed to HIV that had […]

President Jameh Discovers AIDS Cure, To Begin Treatment

The President of Gambia Yahya Jammeh says he has discovered the cure to the deadly HIV/AIDs and now he plans on building a 1, 111 bed hospital to ensure that the patients receive the treatment. […]

Delhi Gang Rape Victim Dies

The young Indian woman who died after being gang-raped on a bus has been cremated in the capital, Delhi. The ceremony came hours after a plane chartered by the Indian government brought her body back […]

Delhi Gang-rape Victim ‘Fighting For Her Life’

An Indian gang-rape victim was “struggling against the odds” to survive on Friday after suffering a heart attack and brain injuries, as medics criticised a decision to fly her to Singapore. In a bulletin issued […]

Alligators’ Immune System Can Fight HIV

Researchers found that when the alligator serum was exposed to HIV, a good amount of the life-threatening virus was killed. This means that alligator blood opens many doors in the antibiotic research. A study team […]

Antibiotics Not Good For Cough

Antibiotics are ineffective in treating patients with persistent coughs caused by mild chest infections, the Lancet journal reports. About 2,000 patients across 12 European countries filled in an ‘illness’ diary. The study found that the […]

U.S Doctors Treat Cancer With Modified HIV Virus

Doctors in the United States say they have saved a seven-year-old girl who was close to dying from leukemia by pioneering the use a modified form of the HIV virus to treat the disease. After […]

Tight Clothing Linked to Lower Sperm Count – Study

Falling sperm counts are a ‘serious public health warning’, scientists have claimed. A major French study has revealed that sperm counts and quality have fallen sharply since the start of the 1990s. It is believed […]

Global HIV/AIDS Rates Declining – UN

The response to the worldwide AIDS epidemic continues to make significant progress in HIV prevention, improved treatment, and reduced AIDS-related deaths, a new UN report released on November 20th says, giving hope about the possibility […]

Men with beer bellies risk weaker bones – Study

Men with excessive fat around their middles aren’t just putting their hearts under strain – they are also at risk of weaker bones. A study from Harvard Medical School found men with beer bellies had […]

Smoking in pregnancy tied to lower reading scores – Study

Babies exposed to their mother’s cigarette smoke in the womb later perform more poorly on reading comprehension tests, according to a new study. In the study, researchers found that children born to mothers who smoked […]

Pakistan ‘toxic syrup’ kills 13 in Lahore

At least 13 people have died in the Pakistani city of Lahore after consuming what authorities say was a “toxic” cough syrup. At least one pharmacy, which reportedly stocked the medicine, has been shut down […]

Ebola Claims Another Life

Five people in Uganda have so far died from the latest outbreak of Ebola after another patient succumbed to the virus yesterday. The latest victim, a 29-year-old woman, died at Bombo Hospital, near Luweero, where […]

5 People Under Surveillance Over Ebola

The Ugandan Minister of Health, Hon. Christine Ondoa has said that five people are being monitored by a surveillance team over Ebola outbreak in Luweero District, 70 km out of Kampala District. While addressing the […]

Health Ministry Confirms Ebola Outbreak

The Ministry of Health has confirmed that two people succumbed to the deadly Ebola virus in Luweero District last weekend. Luweero District is located 40km north of the capital Kampala. Rehema Najjemba and Gladys Namakula […]