Minister Azuba Apologizes over Uganda Airlines Registration Mess

Parliament has accepted new documents that prove ownership of Uganda
National Airlines Company Limited’ after the Minister of Works and
Transport , Ntege Azuba apologized to the house that registration
process was flawed.

The debate attracted attention of Ugandans after two MPs Joy Atim
Ongom and Winfred Kiiza, wrote a minolity report in the Budget
Committee of parliament exposing irregularities as regards ownership.
As the deadline drew closer Parliament agreed with the Minolity report
pressing a panic mode button that has exposed several technocrats in

On 27th March 2019, Minister of Works and Transport, Ntege Azuba ran
to Parliament with documents assuring the Nation that a small error
was rectified and hence new documents are presented.

Amos Lugoloobi, the Chairperson Budget Committee said they received a
communication from the Works Minister withdrawing the documents she
laid before the House on 27 March 2019.
On Thursday, Parliament failed to pass the supplementary schedule No.
2 for F/Y2018/2019 and the Deputy Speaker adjourned the house to
Tuesday 2nd April 2019.
With a deadline of 31st March 2019 set for this weekend, the Clerk to
Parliament wrote to Members of Parliament to return back on Friday so
that they pass the supplementary budget.

Deputy  Speaker Jacob Oulanyah said “Let us admit that there have been
gross errors. From the speaker’s chair, you wonder if there is a
government and there are people thinking ahead. We wouldn’t be in this
situation. It is unfortunate that am not the president, I would have
sacked a few people”.

When the Speaker called for debate on the matter most MPs gave their thoughts.

Hon Latif Sebaggala said We need a lot of time because we are
committing Ugandans but the methodology isn’t right. We wouldn’t want
the 10th Parliament to be blamed. There is mis-coordination as in far
as ownership is concerned.

Hon Muhammed Nsereko proposed that the ground handling services at
Entebbe Airport should be taken over by the Uganda Airlines Company
Limited. He says that ground handling is a very profitable business
which can boost the airline.

Hon Elijah Okupa said Ntege Azuba the Works Minister should be
subjected to disciplinary proceedings for her errors and
irregularities in the registration process and issues surrounding the
shareholding of Uganda Airlines.

Hon Ssekikubo said it is unfair to Ugandans and quite irrational for
Parliament to debate and pass the supplementary expenditure schedule
No. 2 for F/Y2018/2019 to purchase Uganda Airlines which is owned by
some powerful individuals in Government.

Amos Lugoloobi said the Government of Uganda in its wise counsel
preferred to incorporate Uganda Airlines under the ‘Uganda National
Airlines Company Limited’ so as to avoid any liabilities arising out
of the former companies
“Looking at the Uganda Registration Services Bureau (URSB) register,
the two former airline companies were owned by government and the
government had an option to adopt the current Uganda Airlines on any
of the two or incorporate another company”.

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