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Besigye Okays ‘Mudslinging’ In FDC Presidential Race

 By Nicholas Mwesigwa

col kizza besigye

Outgoing FDC president Col. Kizza Besigye has said that ‘the natural tendency of a race is to use everything in the store’ to win a contest. Red Pepper can authoritatively report. “In a campaign everything is expected, money will flow, people will be engaged in bitter exchange, others will themselves all sorts of names, and some smear each other, in the name of winning an election,” Besigye said.

He made the  revelation yesterday while addressing the National Council meeting at party headquarters in Najjanankumbi, Kampala. The meeting was convened to prepare for the 4th coming delegates conference which will determine who replaces him as the party leader among Gen. Muntu, Hon.Nandala Mafabi and their peg-boy Geofrey Ekanya.

Dressed in a dark-blue suit, Besigye took to the podium to make a general statement on how the party has been conducting its work, the ongoing presidential race and the how to prepare for the elections come November 22. He said that he was ready to work for anyone the party fronts as the leader but he threatened to be an activist if that leader messes up the party.

“I promise to work with whoever the party chooses as the leader a reason I relinquished my position to give that candidate ample time to sell his personality and be able to contain pressure from our rivals and even learn the style of politics in Uganda. But I must say that if that leader tries to mess up the party I am afraid I must intervene if it requires fresh elections and I become an activist in the party.

Now I am an activist outside the party,” the horse voiced Colonel revealed amidst loud cheers from the audience. Besigye notified that one of the reasons he decided to step down amid stiff resistance by the NEC members was because of what is currently going on in the campaigns ‘smear campaign’.

It’s at this point that he stunned the fanatics when he uttered that the ferocious remarks unleashed by camps against each other is normal and part of the race. “Because of the campaigns one will use all the available resources to win an election including tarnishing someone’s image branding him some names. Money will flow a lot will be said just to win an election,” he said.

The former President Museveni’s personal physician however cautioned that the campaigns shouldn’t tear the party apart. That the losers should be able to accept defeat and work together. He added that that’s why there are referees in the party to tame those who go beyond the limit and embark on venturing into personal vendetta to avoid divisionism.

“Referees are there to watch the game closely and their role is to intervene when the game become dirty just to avoid tearing the party apart,” he said. But the Chairman national council Sam Njuba contrary to his boss said all the campaigners and candidates should rid of attacks, bribery thus exhibiting to the world that the party is democratic. The two bigwigs’ remarks follow a barrage of ferocious utterances made by head of Mafabi task-force Maj. (rtd) Rubaramira Ruranga against his former boss Gen. Muntu Oyera that he is a mole and his citizenship remains questioned suggesting that he is a Rwandese.

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