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Barya Varsity Opens Doors For Jua-Kali Practitioners


UGANDA TECHNOLOGY & Management University (UTAMU), which ex-Makerere Vice Chancellor Prof Venansius Baryamureeba opened up recently, has cast out its net even wider.

Besides the over 437 students it has so far attracted, the Twed Plaza-based institution has also introduced courses targeting highly skilled Ugandans who are good at what they do but have no formal training or skilling. These make up Uganda’s informal sector and they are famously known as jua-kali. They excel in metal works, carpentry, metal fabrication, vehicle and electronics engineering etc.

They mostly operate in Katwe and other places. Baryamureeba told a press conference that they would undergo some re-tooling programme for threesix months after which certificates will be issued to them. Baryamureeba says this certification of their qualifications will open them up to compete beyond Uganda’s borders.

After this certificate, which will be in the names of Amite University of India to which UTAMU is affiliated, the Jua-Kali practitioners will be free to enroll for even Diploma which is one year. He said to make it appealing and attractive; the training would be conducted in local languages like Luo, Runyakitara, Luganda and others.

“This is done all over the world. In China, they train in local languages and they have the best trained personnel. In Germany and France they do the same thing,” said Baryamureeba who maintains his UTAMU is here to set unprecedented standards.

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