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Archbishop Ntagali Consecrated

President Museveni congratulates the new Archbishop of Church of Uganda, Stanely Ntagali during his installation at Namirembe Cathedral Yesterday

The Rt Rev Stanley Ntagali was yesterday sworn in as the new leader of the church of Uganda in a ceremony held at St. Paul’s Cathedral, Namirembe in Kampala.

Ntagali who was handed the provincial staff takes over from retiring Archbishop Henry Luke Orombi who has led the Anglican Church for close to a decade.

The Rt Rev Ntagali is now the eight archbishop of the province of the church of Uganda.

Archbishop Ntagali praised his predecessors and promised to continue with the work they have already started. He commended in particular Archbishop Orombi who for spearheading the construction of the church house and promised to finish its construction as he first priority.

When the President Museveni who presided over the function got time to speak, he advised church leaders to take advantage of the pulpit to preach against immorality citing homosexuality among other vices.

“If there are some homosexuals, we shall not kill or persecute them but there should be no promotion of homosexuality. We cannot accept promotion of homosexuality as if it is a good thing,” the President Said.

Mr Museveni also lauded the church and Christians at large for rejecting the vice.

President Museveni’s views on homosexuality come as the country’s parliament prepares to pass a bill that will criminalize homosexuality although the vice is illegal.

The bill has caused unease between Uganda and the international community especially western countries where homosexuality is an acceptable practice.



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