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Alice, Babe In War Of Words Over Mugula

Alice Namatovu (R) with Mugula’s babe (L)

City socialite Alice Namatovu is reportedly in a war of words with another babe – over Kick boxing champion, Ronald Mugula. Info coming in is that Alice is in a close contest with a babe who has been identified as the new world intercontinental champion, Mugula’s official girlfriend.

Info coming in is that trouble started last Friday evening at Kyadondo Rugby Club where Mugula was taking on Hungarian Andras Naggy – when the MC of the evening Butodenne called upon the Ugandan fighters chic to come into the ring to give a speech. According to snoops, Alice pounced on the microphone and started talking before landing a hot kiss on the kick boxer’s lips. Meanwhile, the chic who had been introduced as Mugula’s official chic was apparently not amused with Alice’s antics.
Her close pal revealed; “We all know she was promoting the fight but she is not his girlfriend. She needs to know where she stops.”
But when contacted, Alice intimated that the chic is the mother of the Germany based Kick Boxers kids but they are not married. She further stated that she hasn’t done anything wrong at all.

But insiders in Mugula’s camp further stated that Alice has been overseeing the fights needs since he stepped into the country.
“Alice has taken good care of Mugula providing everything necessary to make sure he wins the fight. Whether they are close, we can’t tell” sources concluded. Remember, Alice is known around town as a street smart chic who has forged a career in everything that brings in cash – from being a waitress, bar manager, sports pundit, business lady and now a promoter. She has also been connected to several city lads including dating legendary footballer the later Majid Musisi and Kassim Ouma.
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