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3 Arrested For Stealing Pig To Celebrate Mother’s Birthday

Police in Kiwangala parish in Kiseka Sub-county, Lwengo district, are holding a family of three people for allegedly stealing a pig to celebrate their mother’s 60th birthday.

Birthday Pig Thieves: (L-R) Namatovu, Namyalo and Kato at Kiwangala Police station

The suspects are Kato Ngobya (25), his sister Jane Namatovu (27) and their mother Namyalo Datibwa (60)

The suspects were arrested on Tuesday after they started roasting the pig in preparation for a feast to celebrate Namyalo’s 60th birthday.

Attracted by the scent and suspicious since the family was not known to own any pigs, residents converged and attempted to question the family.

However, Kato panicked and attempted to run away. He was caught and beaten up by the residents until he confessed that he had stolen the pig.

Kato told the residents that he had decided to steal a pig to celebrate their mother’s birthday because he did not have any money to buy one

Their mother Namyalo admitted she was aware the animal was stolen but had still gone ahead to ask her son to invite his sister to the impending feast after roasting the pig.

The family survived lynching after police arrived and shielded them from their angry neigbours.

Paul Wataka, the Lwengo DPC, confirmed the incident saying the suspects are now in custody at Kiwangala police station waiting to appear in


Wataka says the family will face charges of theft and conspiring to steal the pig.

Cases of animal theft have been on the rise in Lwengo district.

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