You will lose like your predecessor former MP Tusiime – Locals Curse MP Rukari

Amos Tayebwa
Locals from  Bunusya and Rwemigina in Mbarara City North have talked earth and Heaven while cursing the Member of Parliament Robert Mwesigwa  Rukari whom they accuse for having neglected their demands in service delivery particularly electricity.
Following the recent outcry, the same locals headed by the local leaders are regretting the matter to why they voted MP Rukari due to the fact that he has refused to respond to their concerns about  electricity issue that was put to his attention.  They say that they voted down their Former MP Michael Tusiime and brought in Rukari whom they say that they had some trust in him first  according to the promises he assured to them during his campaigns towards the 2021 general elections. Little did they know that it was empty promises.
Tadeo Muhwezi raising his issues during the meeting
Rwemigina and Bunusya ward all in Mbarara City north are the only wards which have never had lines of electricity in Mbarara City North. These wards are almost in the Center of Mbarara City but for over years they are still in total darkness. According  to the locals, they have tried to lobby for this facility through their leaders like Area MPs and the Mayor but nothing has ever indicated that there is hope fir electricity. That their leaders have kept adamant on this issue. That they have written several  letters to their offices of MP Rukari and Mayor Kakyebezi but they have refused to respond on this matter.
During the second meeting about the same issue of electricity for the above mentioned wards,   Robert Atwiine, the Councilor representing the people of Rwemigina ward in Mbarara City North Division was bitter to tell locals to forget their leaders who include MP Rukari, his colleague Woman MP Rita Atukwatsa Bwahika and the office of the Mayor who have refused to solve their problem.
During the meeting, locals have resolved to work for themselves and forget begging for the area MPs who are arrogantly silent on the locals’ concern. They have decided to lobby electricity for themselves. They agreed to start mobilizing some money to bring people fro Era and do survey so that the program of electricity in these areas can be  start instead of waiting for their MPs who are not bothered about the concerns of their people.
“As residents of Rwemigina and Bunusya wards we have not benefited from this government, our MPs are useless to us, we are now hustling for ourselves when these projects are supposed to lobbied by our MPs. This is the time now to task the government to work for us, we want our leaders to know that we are the ones who voted them, we shall not keep silent when we are suffering. If our MPs are not able to fight for us, the let’s work for ourselves, we have decided to put them aside from our issues and we shall push this program for ourselves up to the ministry, I sure you that the minister of Energy is aware about this matter and this was whistled by us not our MPs. We shall fight for ourselves with or with You MPs” said Atwiine
One of the locals Tadeo Muhwezi said that he is disappointed with the area MP Rukari  who promised them to push and lobby electricity program  for Bunusya and Rwemigina wards but it’s at this time when the same MP has kept deaf ears  on this issue. ” I feel pain that I supported MP Rukari with all my energy and my money that I put during his campaigns,  I regret for supporting him when I have  gained nothing from him. I was his coordinator for Bunusya ward but I have realized that I suffered for nothing for him.  He will lose like Former Tusiime his predecessor in the next elections if he can’t work for his people. That during Hon. Tusiime’s tenure, he came in Bunusya ward to o address on the issue of electricity, he told the locals who were gathered at Bunusya ward offices that their documents which they had given to him asking for electricity documents got lost,  therefore they should wait until Jesus comes back on earth it’s when they will get electricity, he lost elections to Rukari because of his indecent statements. And if Rukari doesn’t respond to people’s concerns he will also face the same 2026″, said Muhwezi.
” I was too close to Hon. Rukari, he used to call me day and night during the campaigns but when he won  the election he has never called me again, he can’t even pick my calls, I there for suggest that let’s forget our Honorable MPs we deal with our local leaders  and lobby for ourselves, let’s mobilize resources we bring the Engineer to do survey in these areas and see how we can get electricity” he added.
According Francis Kambamu the LC2 chairman for Rwemigina ward said that Government and top leaders for Mbarara City have left these areas  backwards. That their politicians especially members of Parliament have totally done nothing to help the people of these areas to have electricity. That about 11 cells have never had electricity, residents from these areas decrying over lack electricity.

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