Uganda registers 1st successful Father’s run as thousands of men turn up for the event on Father’s Day

Every year on Father’s Day, as a nation we honor the men who help shape our character through their love, guidance, and devotion.  Dads and father figures across the country sacrifice so much to support their families and to ensure that their children can lead fulfilling lives.

In a more fashionable way, The Remnant Generation an NGO that looks out for the underprivileged young girls and pregnant teens organized a run dubbed Father’s run on same day Uganda was celebrating Father’s day.

The Remnant Generation CEO Annabelle Nakabiri said the major aim of the run was to raise UGX 150million ($42,000) to reach out to 1,000 teenage mothers and 1,000 babies in eight (8) Safe Motherhood spaces spread out in four (4) Districts in Uganda – Kampala, Wakiso, Lyantonde and Luuka.

Men and Women from all walks of life graced the event. It was one of the most successful runs organized in Uganda.

Not even the heavy downpour that started at 4:30am on Sunday morning could stop the determined runners from showing up at 6am at stallion Hotel for the first ever Fathers’ Day Run.

People from all places across Uganda and abroad determined to give of their time to raise awareness about lack of access to medical care that pregnant teens face, and they did something about it.

The funds from the run were forwarded to underprivileged girls, pregnant teen mothers such that they can access basic needs of life like good medical care and rest.


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