Uganda to host Public Procurement and disposal Business Expo

By Moses Oketayot

The Public Procurement and Disposal of Public Assets Authority (PPDA) in a bid to contribute to economic growth, connect businesses to effective procurement systems, and support local enterprises has organized the PPDA Business Exposition 2022.

The expo is slated for Friday 8th July to Monday 10th July 2022.


According to the Authority, the expo will provide companies with a unique platform to network with other various stakeholders while assisting providers to tap into opportunities that public procurement offers to accelerate recovery from the socio-economic impact of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The goal of the expo to the executive director of the Authority Benson Turyame said that the goal of the expo will be to enhance stakeholder’s understanding of the public procurement and disposal processes and systems.

The government of Uganda spends 60% of its annual budget on public procurement of a vast range of goods, services and works. This makes the expo the ultimate place for any provider looking for new business opportunities

The expo will also serve as an opportunity to government agencies to showcase their achievements and accountability to the citizens.

The function will culminate in an awards gala on the final day at Kololo ceremonial grounds. The awards will recognize different categories of stakeholders both in the public and private sector who have excelled in executing the public procurement and disposal functions for national development.

The expo will also offer an opportunity to providers and other stakeholders a chance to engage with key personnel and organizations that contribute to public procurement. Most of the public procurement officers will be at the venue to network and engage with suppliers.

“We shall leverage the expo to train stakeholders on the Electronic Government Procurement (e-GP) and conduct skills development sessions under different categories, and all skills seminars will be for free,” Turyame added.

The expo will also be a one-stop business centre to serve the public, and there will be services from different government agencies at the venue.

Suppliers/Providers who have not yet registered for e-Gp will be registered and trained for free and PPDA certificate will be accessed in one day at the expo.

Accounting officers of all government ministries, departments, agencies and local governments, and all registered providers have been rallied to attend the expo.

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