SHAME! Entebbe Mayor evicted over Shs 10m rent arrears

Mayor Fabrice Rulinda who was evicted

The Entebbe Municipality mayor Fabrice Brad Rulinda suffered unforgettable embarrassment after he was allegedly evicted from his
posh residence in Kiwafu central zone in Entebbe Division ‘B’ for failure to pay rent arrears amounting to Shs10m.

Sources say his landlord Prince Silver Ndawula has been reminding him to pay rent arrears but in vain till he lost cool and cut the black
gate of the house to access Fabrice physically before ordering him to vacate his house with immediate effect, something the embattled mayor
complied with though he was embarrassed.

Sources close to Fabrice indicate that prior to entering the house he first paid rent for a full year  but the following years it has been a tag of war to remit rent to his landlord.

Sources close to him revealed that this is the second time Fabrice is evicted over rent arrears and that the first was in 2016 in Kinyarwanda zone, Entebbe Division “B”.

The house where the Mayor was evicted from

Sources further indicate that Fabrice has now relocated in Nakiwogo zone near Uganda Virus Research Institute and that he paid rent for
three months.

The entry leading to the house where Fabrice was evicted

Meanwhile, Fabrice is on the verge of losing his mayoral seat after court of appeal quashed the decision of High court that was presided
over by Justice Isaac Muwata that dismissed Vincent Kayanja’s petition challenging Fabrice’s victory.

A week ago, the Justices of the Court of Appeal reinstated Kayanja’s petition and soon the petition will be handled by a neutral judge.


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