Ntare School Ex -H/M late Humphrey ‘s family tearing apart over Will, Widow, children fighting

Amos Tayebwa


The family of Late Humphrey Ahimbisibwe, the former Headmaster Ntare School in Mbarara is on fire as family members, the widow and children are busy fighting for property which includes the Will.


It’s one year after the death of the fallen Headmaster of the top prominent schools in Western Uganda that include Ntare School, Bweranyangi Girls SS, Muntuyera High School Kitunga, and many others. Ahimbisibwe left a huge legacy in the education sector in Uganda.

However, just in a one year period of his resting,  war over his will has erupted. The wife Rest Akiki Ahimbisibwe and his elder son Kenneth Tumusiime Ahimbisibwe cannot see eye to eye. Sources have revealed that the two have misunderstandings about the Will which was left to the eldest son Tumusiime as a Heir.


According to sources within the family , it has been reported that there is  property which the deceased left and now some of the members of the family want to sell them off. That the late  Ahimbisibwe left two children whom he produced from  another woman and were included in the will something Akiki the wife allegedly  doesn’t want to come to terms with. More to that, late Humpfrey left a huge chunk of land in Kashaka which he had kept for himself. This has also brought confusion between Akiiki, her children and those the late he sired outside marriage.

Heir Ahimbisibwe maintains that all children of the late must be part of family and have equal share to the late father’s property. This has put him in a cold place with his mother. His mother Akiiki wants these two children not to get close or think of any share.

 Last week, the family headed by heir Tumusiime had organized a function Adit Mall in Mbarara for a memorial lecture of Late Ahimbisibwe legacy  and launch of his book which he had written before he died, unfortunately the function didn’t take place. Key invited guests didn’t turn up. Akiki) also shunned the function according to a source who had also come to attend the function. Dr. Sheldon Mwesigwa was expected as the chief Guest who did not turn up also.

While talking to a few people that had shown up at the memorial function, Tumusime, he said that much as the function did not go as planned, he feels he has  accomplished his Dad’s will and interest in launching his book.

The book is about “management causes of strikes in secondary schools”. Late Ahimbisibwe wrote it but failed to release as illness kept him down. He later passed on.

 Also Tumusime blamed the low turn and failure of the event on mother Akiiki. Tumusiime alleges that her mother Akiiki  contacted a number of guests that were invited, influencing them not to as she was not part of it and some of her children..

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