CORNERED! Uganda Airlines workers petition new board chair saying they want Jenifer Bamuturaki out

UA boss Bamuturaki

By our reporter

Uganda Airlines, UA, has more than 400 workers but many of them are disgruntled and want their CEO Jenifer Bamuturaki out. They have written to the new board chairperson giving reasons why they want a new CEO. In their dossier which has already been discussed by the new board members and the CEO has been interrogated about the same, the workers raise their grounds why Bamuturaki isn’t the CEO they deserve.

They say she has invested a lot of time in intrigue, gossiping and rumor mongering. They say all this has created factions at the Airline which has paralyzed work at the Airline offices headquartered in Entebbe. Allegations are that many officials in top positions are uncomfortable with her and she allegedly fights back by using a one John Kasangaki the so-called technical advisor to make human resource decisions to undermine those she doesn’t like. Kasankagi is her former workmate at another airline where she worked before coming to UA. She brought him at UA to work as a consultant advising on HR affairs but he is soon being made a permanent employee of the UA. He allegedly bags about Ugx40,000,000 as salary for doing almost nothing apart from advising her on how to suffocate others. There are people she didn’t want at UA when she bounced back as CEO yet they are now back e.g. Paul Turyakyenga who is the director finance and admin affairs. He was forced back and she had to accept him whether she liked it or not.

She is also reportedly not comfortable having Mike Etiang to serve as Chief Pilot and she has been trying to cut his salary. This is someone even the president tweeted about praising him for flying him to safety. She also reportedly dislikes Lukeman Ndusa who heads flight operations. She has gone to the new board asking to cut their pay for money to be reallocated to other things but the board refused, reports suggest. She also doesn’t like Deo Nyanzi of the Commercial Division because he is one of the guys she had chased away but the ministry of works brought them back by force.

UA new board

The faction of members who don’t like her also stated in their dirty dossier which they copied to COSASE also that Bamuturaki is disrespectful of her bosses at the ministry of works and transport and even talked about a recording by the Abvavater guys in which she was recorded making demeaning comments about minister Wamala Katumba.

They add that she doesn’t respect people at the ministry and uses Kasangaki to mistreat guys she believes were given jobs through the ministry influence. They also accused her of refusing to advertise and publicize the airline like Muleya used to do. They say that Bamuturaki does not like to help government officials yet she gives luxury trips to bloggers who spy and feed her with fake information about government officials fighting her.

She has reportedly refused to interface with serious media guys of the major TV stations and newspapers and deals with bloggers only because they do stories fighting her personal wars which are not beneficial to the airline. Instead of investing on things like bill boards to give the airline visibility, Bamuturaki has been splashing money on bloggers who came together under a bulky man from Toro where she also comes from.

The money and trips these bloggers have been enjoying is one of the many things already causing audit queries for Bamuturaki. In December alone, she reportedly signed for them more than Ugx100,000,000 which they shared without proper documentation. One of them told her he is a very good friend of Sudhir the city tycoon. The blogger promised to connect her to him so that the Airlines rents more of his buildings apart from Victoria University where they are already paying Ugx13,000,000 for the small ticketing office in Kampala.

After the Ugx100,000,000; the bloggers picked yet more cash last month totaling to Ugx26,000,000 which they shared without proper documentation. Saying they are very important partners, Bamuturaki had given them a contract of Ugx150,000,000 for one year which has now expired and they are pushing for more.

Recently when the works ministry which supervises her started raising audit queries, the bloggers uniting under INJODA were asked to bring proof that they did any work for the Airline and they printed the scandal bad stories news websites had been writing on Pastor Mark Odeke, the hunky ally Bamuturaki threw under the bus and cancelled his Abvavater advertising contract after bouncing back at UA as the new CEO. Bamuturaki’s supervisors at the ministry have agreed the auditors are right to question this because there is no way stories fighting and undermining her former ally Mark Odeke can be paid for using money for the Uganda Airlines.

Sources say Bamuturaki has lost many allies examples being Gen Salim Saleh and the guys at the finance ministry. She can’t even see the president easily as she used to do because the big man is unhappy with her sidelining his favorite pilots like Mike Nduse.

Sources close to Joel Senyonyi say that COSASE plans to begin investigating scandals at UA immediately after completing Uganda land commission.


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  1. Bamuturaki is unprofessional incompetent not even fit to be air hostess for a national currier we have alot of information about her ugand loses 5million USD every weak because she dosent know what to do she is not an aviator at all full of forged documents like the airline manual

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