BOOZE GENERAL! Tycoon Katongole on drinking spree

Tycoon Ivan Katongole at a recent function

Tycoon Ivan Katongole alias Jenus is on a booze spree and drinks as if there is no tomorrow.

The tycoon who recently bought a posh double cabin pick up with personalized number plate Jenus, seems to have turned his happiness on booze or there is too much stress driving him to booze binges.

It seems booze has become part of his diet.

He drinks till late in the night before staggering slowly to his car. On several occasions, the tycoon has been spotted passing out in his car outside bars sometimes moving home at sunrise as he retires home probably to rest.

The tycoon who was a few years ago detained for allegedly participating in the murder of women in Katabi town council is back on the social scene with bang.

Close friends are worried that the tycoon needs to know his limit when it comes to knocking back the booze. It is said that at one time he consumed so much alcohol that he was throwing up well before midnight.

He is nowadays married to bars and he is usually seen in several bars in company of his colleagues downing several bottles of booze.

His favorite hangout is Kings spot Nyamachoma near Nkumba University traffic lights.

It should be recalled that last year in November, tycoon Katongole was introduced by one of his lovers, one Joweri whom he thanked for protecting his
businesses during the tough times when he was detained at Kigo prisons. He decided to reward her with a Harrier UBK in series.


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