VIBRANT VISIONS! As we had our lunch, I let her know about my intentions to bonk her

I must tell you this before I perish. It seems as if most of you are dead asleep when I am bonking that you don’t hear my women making the noise which I call “Sauti ya mabibi” I am writing about you my neighbors with disgust! You see, I would like you to listen to how these beauties scream in my bed that most of you who have wives, will have to explain to them why such scenarios is rare in your bedrooms. Those of you who are not married, I predict a boring night life for you.

When I was still a renowned photographer in Busia, my camera got a problem but I could not do without a job so I decided to continue taking people’s photographs only using the flash. The surprising thing is that most of my customers didn’t notice it. My first client was Jane, a nursery school teacher. I went to her school and found her going for lunch. “Oh, Hyena! I was looking for you but your phone has been off these days! She yelled. I pretended to be surprised and later lied to her that I had gone to Mombasa. She then told me to go to her house and photograph her from there.

On our way to her home, we passed many places and Jane kept asking if it was okay for me to have lunch from her place. I was so hungry and I could not wait any longer because my whopper had already begun yawning. “Jane, why don’t you cook our own food?” I asked. She giggled and I knew that my way to her Kandahar was finally opening up. We then agreed to buy raw food for our lunch. As we slowly walked home, somebody tapped me at the back. When I looked back, it was some Muhiima babe called Mary. “Hyena, I have been looking for you all these days, I want you to take my son’s photograph,” she said. “He is at home, let’s go,” she said while pulling my hand.

I looked at Jane and told her that since she was going home to cook, then she should allow me to quickly photograph Mary’s son. “I hope I will find lunch ready,” I whispered to her. Mary directed me through some funny corridors and soon we were at her house. The moment I had finished photographing her kid, I gave him one thousand shillings and told him to go and buy himself sweets. The ka boy disappeared like a flash!

I then told Mary that I was leaving but she insisted that I should first have lunch. I then realized that much as I thought about shafting Jane, I couldn’t leave Mary untouched. As we had our lunch, I let her know about my intentions to bonk her. I could see her moving closer and closer. “You are such a good cook!” I complimented her as I run my hand into her thighs. She did not hesitate and slowly began moving closer to me. I peeled off her clothes with one hand and unzipped my trousers with the other. When my whopper popped out, she grabbed it and gave me an irritating BJ.

When I was about to cum, I gave her my Hyena’s Jazz Band and we finished at the same time. She cleaned me and before I could leave, she gave me a five thousand shillings note for the photographs. I promised her air saying that they would be ready in two days. When I looked at her bum as I left, she actually needed a ‘kisanja’ but I had to go and meet Jane who had prepared another lunch meal for me.

When I arrived at Jane’s place, I found her having her lunch miserably. She rudely asked me why I had deceived her that I was going to have lunch at her place yet I had other customers. She went to change her clothes in her room and it is then she suddenly called me to her bedroom. “Hyena, take some good pictures of me, I am posting them abroad to my boyfriend James,” she said. I was jealous. “What does James have that I don’t?” I asked.

I asked her if it was okay for me to suggest a few more posses for her photographs. She agreed and immediately I began photographing her. In a short time Jane began telling me how James had left her and she was sure that he could have gotten another babe. This talk went on and on eventually we started talking about ourselves and sex.

My erection was instant and I found myself moving towards her. She never resisted but I knew that was one way of saying yes. Before I could introduce her to my plan, she came closer and started opening my belt. “Please Hyena, do not disappoint me,” she said. “I have not been shafted in a long time, here are the condoms,” she added. When I slid my whopper into her, she was dripping with water. I used all my experience in shafting women. This babe was really starving. The first cut sent her v-monologue producing no sound but as we increased the speed, it was PO PO PO!

I swung this babe for so long that I thought she would fail to teach the next day. When I finally finished, she said the dose I gave her would do for at least a year. I left her at about 6:43pm and headed straight home, showered and slept. I do not know what to tell these ladies when they call for their photographs. Young ladies, why don’t we meet on this very page tomorrow to discuss the issue of your pictures? I remain yours truly Hyena.


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