UNFAIR! Jailed Socialite Kavuma accuses tycoon Ham of plotting to grab his property

Tycoon Ham

By Our Reporter

Very shocking secrets indicating why city tycoon Hamis Kiggundu aka Ham imprisoned socialite Honest Kavuma aka Champagne Pappi have finally emerged.

City socialite Honest Kavuma, popularly known as Champagne Pappi, who is on remand at Luzira prison, accuses businessman Hamis Kiggundu of allegedly being behind his imprisonment with intent to grab his house and other properties.

It should be noted that for the past few days the media has been awash with news of Kavuma having been jailed after Ham accused him of allegedly diddling him with billions of shillings in a deal gone bad.

Kavuma speaking to this newspaper reporter from Luzira where he is incarcerated

In the purported deal, it’s alleged that Kavuma approached Ham with an offer for construction of a Bayern Munich sports academy in Uganda and even organised a meeting between him and the investors in Germany who were to fund the project.

It is also alleged that following his meeting with the Bayern Munich investors in Germany Ham extended billions of shillings to them as part of the total investment capital they had agreed upon, although the project was never implemented.

Kavuma, who was arrested in February this year by plain clothed men from his home in Munyonyo, alleges that the actual reason why Ham put him in prison was because he refused to relinquish ownership of his company Bayern Uganda Complex Limited.

Kavuma alleges all charges are trumped up

According to Kavuma, who spoke to our reporter who visited him at Luzira Prison over  the weekend, trouble started after he offered 50% shares of his company Bayern Uganda Complex Limited to Ham, with the understanding that he would invest in the company.

To his shock however, Kavuma says that he later discovered that Ham had instead drafted separate company documents indicating that he owns 95% shares in the company and that he (Kavuma) owns 5%.

The alleged fabricated agreement

He said that a vicious disagreement arose between them over ownership of the property which culminated in Ham having Kavuma arrested over trumped up charges in a bid to cow him into surrendering the company.

Kavuma told our reporter that; “Ham alleges that I conned him of Shs7 billion in the deal which he alleges I took from his brother Yasin Ssegawa. However, I challenge him to bring even one iota of evidence to prove his allegations against me.  Is there a sensible businessman who can give anyone such a colossal amount of money without any paperwork?”

He added that; “I have never met his so-called brother Yasin Ssegawa and I don’t even know him. If I took the money from Ssegawa, then why is it that it is Ham who is accusing me, why not his so-called brother Ssegawa?”

Kavuma,, who has been denied bail several times revealed that Ham is conniving with some prisons and judicial officers to keep him in jail, reason why the charges before him at Buganda Road Court are distributed amongst different magistrates.

Ham with Germany investors

Some of the charges against Kavuma at Buganda Road Court which he denied include:Obtaining money by false pretence; Obtaining money by false pretence Shs60m from Yasin for tuff carpet from Holland; Obtaining money by false pretence in June.30k euros, for trips to Holland to procure the turf; Obtaining credit Shs30m from Yasin to settle land dispute;Obtaining money by false pretence in  June 2021,  Shs50m from Yasin for trip to Holland;Forgery committed in 2021; False documents. Altered 38 tonnes of Sylvester turf; and Forgery Committed in June 2021 in a letter written in German language on behalf of the funders. Others are uttering false documents in June 2021 for accountability; Forgery committed between 2017 and 2021 of ownership of a plot of land in Munyonyo and uttering false documents; a certificate of title for land in Munyonyo.

Kavuma with same investors before deal turned sour


However, Kavuma maintains that these are phony charges that were cooked up by Ham with intent to keep him in jail, such that he can grab his house and other properties.

This is because Kavuma revealed that although he was arrested and taken to Kiira Road Police Station where he was tortured for several days, the cops didn’t record a statement from him.

They instead forced him to sign some agreement after deceiving him that if he signed the paper and apologized to Ham and his brother Yasin they would release him on bond.

Instead of releasing him on bond after signing the agreement whose contents he didn’t digest, Kavuma said his captors turned around and drove him to Buganda Road Court from where he was remanded to Luzira prison from February to this day.

However, what shocks him most is that each time he appears in court for his bail hearing new charges are read for him and they are under different magistrates and in total he is battling 45 counts.

Kavuma said that; “On February 28th, I was remanded to Luzira Prison over accusations of diddling  Shs7Bn from Hamis Kiggundu. Then on March 15th I was brought back and paraded before magistrate Mariam Mangeni to seek bail but instead 30 other new counts were read for me and I was remanded to Luzira. On March 18th I was taken back to court to seek bail again and I was paraded before another magistrate, who read 13 new counts and I was remanded till early May. But all these illegalities are being orchestrated against me yet I have never recorded a statement at police; so, I wonder how the magistrates come up with the charge sheets without a police statement.”

Kavuma said that he doesn’t know anything of whatever allegations Ham has against him and that he is being jailed on trumped up charges.

He added that; “Everyone can see that Ham is colluding with some elements within the Luzira prison to keep me in jail, that’s why they leaked my photos in the media. Have you ever seen a prisoner being photographed in prison and their photos are circulated in the media?”


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