Handsome Men Don’t Move Me- Actress Nkizi

Nkizi Philomena Fiona is the girl we describe as beautiful and lucky today.

 She has managed to bring back the beautiful face on TV Ugandans used to enjoy some time back.Remember the times of beautiful actresses like Natasha Sinayobye, Fauziah Nakiboneka and rest, now Uganda has Fiona!

 She is the actress in the latest hot Ugandan series SANYU that is making everyone get stuck on TV. Her brains, beauty and acting skills have made best actress in the series. We caught up with her and shared her journey to her young acting career.

Fiona, You simply happened to us, just like that you’re one this beautiful actress on our TV screens, where did all this start from?


This started when Covid 19 pandemic hit Uganda. This was 2020.Schools got closed and we were all home. Keeping home was the last I wanted to do. I got bored. I then saw the auditions for the Sanyu series movie and decided to apply. Good enough I was selected and given an opportunity.



Growing up as a child, did you have a dream to act?


Yes, growing up as a child I had all the dreams of acting. At school I was so active in drama and I would win some awards. People started believing me. After my S6, I said I should go for an acting course but my mother said I should first get use of my brains. Then I enrolled at Kyambogo with a course in Accounting and Finance.


You look too young; did you study acting? What do you do apart from being an actress?


No, like I said, I didn’t study acting. I just used some course units like communication skills to enhance my talent. So when I joined the SANYU series I used to fear being challenged. I also used the internet to widen my acting knowledge.


Away from acting, I am the procurement officer at Desire Luzinda Foundation. Though this is voluntary.


Are you parents supportive of your career?


I grew up with a single Dad. That strong man. Of course you know how men are. They’re always supportive. All my family has been so supportive



Okay now, tell us what challenges did you face when starting?


The biggest challenge I faced is the fact that I started big with a big Series Sanyu. Only that would challenge. I had challenges when the director of the film would ask me certain questions like would you Cry, would do this and that. So as a fresher in the industry, such challenges came up but because of my strong character, I would manoeuvre through. I am a very lucky girl. People are always willing to support me.


In the latest movie, Sanyu, you act as a maid, why did you choose this role? Have you ever been a maid before?


I have never been a maid before. About the role, I didn’t choose it, the role chose me ( Hahahahah)because personally I love fancy things and all and here something came and I had to be humble. I had auditioned for it also. Truth is the maid role has trained me to learn more about being a maid. If I am to get a maid I would treat her well.


Who really inspired you to start acting?


Like I said, I am a go-getter. I want to be involved in every opportunity. My character simply inspired me.


Taking back some time, what is your first ever movie or film you acted in?


Sanyu has been my first ever film. I have never acted in any project.



How was the experience the first day on camera?


Because of so many other things I had tried to do, I was already exposed to Cameras. Although when I would be on set, directors would tell me I over blink my eyes. They thought I was fearing the cameras. It is my nature that I blink a lot.


As an actress does it really pay well? How do you survive?


Like I told you, I work somewhere I feel I am appreciated. I feel I am appreciated and it really pays well. I am so content though in life we want more and more. I remember growing up my dad told me nothing is enough. I survive through many gigs around.


Who is that person that you can mention that helped you up to where you’re now Fiona?


I grew up in the hands of so many people. From church to my family. I have so many hands on me. I can’t pay them enough. But the most immediate ones are my Dad, Mum, my Auntie, my sister and brothers.


As a girl child, what can you tell a young and upcoming actress?


All I can tell a young girl out, just keep at school and finish. Take everything at school so school. For an actress, simply be real and have principles. Be professional. Also with God everything is possible.



We have heard numerous rumours that bosses of certain movies or films first use girls for them to get opportunities, what has been your experience so far?


Some rumours are true. There is that section of girls that unfortunately went through that. But to me I have been lucky. I have dealt with very professional people. Nabwiso films are about a married couple. My experience was I did auditions, I signed my contract and I started to work. I cant offer sex for my talent.



You work with very handsome guys, who do you crush on among them?


Yes I work with very handsome guys but I don’t have a crush on them. So I am used to handsome men, so being handsome doesn’t move me considering I have so many handsome brothers.



Who is your ideal guy?


My ideal guy is that person with the values I want. I want someone who will understand me and see me beyond the rest. I want a well behaved man.


We have seen in the past, some actresses and actors have gone ahead to marry themselves after teaming up in a film, do we hope to see you do that in the near future?


Only God knows. I don’t know where I will find that man. That is life. I have no control over that.


Who is your best actress and actor  in the Sanyu film?


Oh no… This is hard. Everyone is so good. I am the best actress in the Sanyu series and for the actors, Oscar and Abbey Mukiibi take it for me.



Have you ever acted in a role and there after you want to make that role real in life?


The Sanyu series is my first movie. So whichever role I want the public to get two pictures of me. Me and that one in the Movie. Yes some roles are worth carrying into real life and some NO


Your last remarks Fiona..


Ugandans we simply need your support. Just support me to find my purpose. And to the rest of my fans please try and be happy.


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