KCCA Sexy babe that’ brought down’ Hudu Hussein Identified

Yumbe District newly appointed RDC and Iron hearted Hudu Hussein last evening shocked the nation when pictures of him and a city babe leaked on social media happily dancing while hand in hand inform of an introduction party.


Moments later, it was confirmed that indeed the former Kampala Residential City Commissioner (RCC) Hudu Hussein  was officially off the shelf. Lover Shamim Namusisi Hussein introduced him to her parents in a colorful ceremony that was attended by a few trusted selected people.


The chief guest at their ceremony  was Mufti Shaban Mubajje, who  flanked by several other Muslim clerics.

However, on everyone’s lips is who is this strong Woman that melted down the hard hearted Hudu Hussein. Here is the truth about her;

Digging deep into our investigations, we have reliably been informed that Shamim  is a councilor at the Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA). The two met 8 years back and decided to keep their relationship a top secret. Very few within Hudu’s circles knew Shamim.

One of Shamim’s friends we talked to described her as a down to earth person who is ever smiling. She is in her late 20s and has worked with  a city NGO around Kampala some time back.

We are yet to understand if the two have children together.

It should be noted that Hudu sparked off massive outcry  during his tenure as Kampala RCC after he caused the eviction of all vendors from the street

Hudu also suffered severe backlash from the Christian community after he issued a directive banning all street preachers, although he later coiled his tail and swallowed his words.

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