Another Man Claims Hudu’s new Wife

A one Ssewanyana Lameck has come out to claim the newly appointed Yumbe RDC  Hudu Hussein’s new wife called  Shamim Namusisi .

A few days ago, Sexy Shamim introduced Hudu to her parents in a very secret ceremony that was only attended by a handful of the pair’s close friends, Lameck has come out ranting that the RDC ran away with his alleged wife.

News making rounds allege that Lameck and Shamim have been dating since childhood. It is reported that Ssewanyana and Shamim have been together since their high school time at Old Kampala SSS. The two even have one child

Ssewanyana  also alleged that it was his efforts for Shamim to Join KCCA as a Councillor. There is also a picture circulating on social media where Shamim and Lameck are standing together.


More allegations coming out reveal how Lameck introduced Shamim to Hudu because as NRM candidates in Kampala, the pair thought they required extra security. Little did he know that Hudu’s security provision goes beyond outside but it can extend deep beyond what he expected.

Hudu and Shamim have not commented on that as yet.

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