Former Jetset Contestant Bridget Lutaaya Signs Modeling Contract with NEMG Model and Talent Management

Glamorous African -US Based Model Bridget Lutaaya has landed a major international modeling deal, reports.

Bridget, 28, signed a modeling contract this week with the New England Models Group (NEMG), a Model & Talent Management Agency that will see her represented by the same company that has looked after supermodels for decades.

NEMG Inc, services a range of clients in feature films, commercials, television production, digital media, industrials, infomercials, showroom, runway, fashion and commercial print.

Bridget Lutaaya at the Yew York Fashion Week 2022

According to the NEMG website, their models & talent have appeared in numerous campaigns throughout the US; as well as featuring in Films shot within and outside New England.

Bridget who at all times says she has always wanted to be a fashion model, since she was as young in Primary school, shared the news of signing a modeling contract with NEMG to her followers on Friday, posting a picture of her at the just concluded New York Fashion 2022 with the captions, “Woww! See God! Guess who just signed in with a Modeling Agency!!Victory belongs to Jesus.”

Speaking to this website in a phone interview, Bridget could not hide her happiness for joining the international modeling brand NEMG, with passion to help children and other vulnerable groups.

‘’I’m so thrilled about this new chapter in my life, working in Fashion alongside modeling under such big modeling brands has always been one of my biggest passions and I can’t wait to share some of the projects I’m going to be working on’’, she noted.

Bridget Lutaaya at the Yew York Fashion Week 2022

This comes after Bridge, who has already become a fashion sensation emerged among the best 5 runners at Miss Jetset Magazine USA 2022, the only Ugandan who participated in the beauty contest.

Prior to the NEMG deal, Bridget also participated in the just got back from the New York fashion show and it was a great opportunity and got more big connections and more endorsements. So I will be traveling soon to Florida for another fashion show.

Bridget, having a professional, high-quality and full portfolio acted as a visual CV and allowed an agency to instantly see her style and potential without wasting time and money to conduct her own photo shoot.

Besides her personality, Bridget is among the young models with a big following on the internet especially Instagram.

She makes sure she upload professional photographs  to her social media profiles, and if those in the world of modeling know , ‘Agents’ do an Instagram model search to find new talent.

‘’The number of followers and amount of image engagement is also really important as brands also search for accounts to find models to promote designs and products. Instagram modeling has grown considerably in the last few years and is something Bridget has taken seriously’’, commented one of the American designers.

Some followers of Bridget’s elegance have described her personality as just as important as her looks.

‘’Agencies want to sign girls with personality who work hard, take direction well and are polite, all attributes of Bridget. She is kind to everyone she meets, because she understands anyone could help open doors of opportunity for you in the future’’, said her follower.

Bridget’s number of followers and amount of image engagement has also been helpful to build her modeling and fashion career as brands also search for accounts to find models to promote designs and products.

She keeps posting a variety of photos of her professional and personal life to create an interesting balance that followers crave to see in their news feed and networking online has been such an important part of growing her followers.

‘’Liking, following and commenting has raised her profile and it attracts model scouts on Instagram’’, said Bridget’s Friend who spoke to our reporter.

Born and raised in Entebbe by Andrew and Harriet Lutaaya, Bridget started her education at Kireka SDA primary and later joined Maryland high school Entebbe for High school.

She enrolled at Nkumba University for a Degree in Procurement and logistics management.

Bridget is a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) currently living in Boston Massachusetts USA.

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