OFFSIDE ROMPS! Soldier’s wife warns Sarah to stay away from her hubby

According to information doing rounds on the streets of Kampala, it is being alleged that Sarah has been seriously told to watch her moves carefully well or else she risks acid attack. All this is because Sarah is being accused by a city nonsense woman of eloping with her man. The man in question is a soldier at the rank of Major. A few details we have managed to land on allege how Sarah has been seeing the soldier behind the wife’s back. A highly placed source has told us that the soldier’s wife has had several sleepless nights after she landed into the two flirting. A source also tells us that the soldier’s wife is threatening to release a WhatsApp conversation between her husband and Sarah. She is just waiting for the right time. A source furthermore informs us that Sarah and the soldier have been so close for three years. It is alleged that the two always sit at Café Javas every Friday and leave late in the evening. They’re just too close and very good friends- a source informs us. The soldier is married with three children living in Gayaza. Sarah is a single mother with Children.

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