THANKFUL! RDC Names child after Minister Babalanda

Photomortage of Minister Babalanda and Lira Deputy RCC Paul Eseru carrying his newly born baby

The good news reaching Pepper Digital is that the mustard seed sown by Lira Deputy Resident City Commissioner (RCC) Paul Eseru, and wife Kemigisha finally germinated and is now bearing fruits.


The couple were blessed with a bouncing baby girl on Friday 5th November 13, 2021 at Lira Hospital.


Eseru was delivered through cesarean section, an operation that was conducted by Dr. Andrew Odur.


It later emerged that the couple has decided to name the child after Presidency Minister Milly Babirye Babalanda “The decision to name her Milly is because; Milly is a Christian name that means Gentle Strength. There is also a very inspiring woman in this country Called Mama Milly who is the Current Minister for Presidency. She is Very gentle, successful, smooth spoken, intelligent, caring, a mother to everyone and down to earth. She inspires me a lot,” Eseru told the hysteria desk.


He says that having worked closely with the minister for over five years, “I wished my daughter to be like Mama Milly and that’s why I gave my daughter that name.”


Eseru is one of the most trusted lieutenants who closely worked with Babalanda during the latter’s tenure as head of the Office of the NRM National Chairman (ONC) at Kyambogo.


He is remembered for his untiring efforts of mobilizing the Teso sub-region for President Museveni’s reelection in the January 14 polls. He was the Teso regional coordinator and the Kyambogo Office of the NRM National Chairman.


Having prospered in the efforts behind breaking opposition structures in the region, it was no surprise that Eseru got deployed to Lira City as Deputy RCC immediately after the polls.


During the last Presidential Campaigns, while working as Personal Assistant to NRM Director of Finance and Administration, Eseru was trusted with millions of Shillings to pay all the NRM Delegates that the President met throughout the Country in his Campaigns. He delivered this assignment successfully.


He has been variously applauded by the ONC fraternity for his hard work and seen by many as a symbol of loyalty, and patience.


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