SAVE US! Rice millers cry out to minister Kadaga

Minister Kadaga speaking to the members of the Rice Millers Council of Uganda on Wednesday

By Moses Oketayot

The Rice Millers Council of Uganda on Wednesday held a meeting with the Rt. Hon Rebecca Kadaga the 1st Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of East African Community Affairs in Uganda at the Ministry offices on kingdom Kampala building-Nile Avenue to discuss the ongoing imbalance of rice produce and trade between Uganda and Tanzania.

The meeting which was attended by representatives from Ministry of Finance and Economics Planning, Ministry of Trade, Investment and Cooperatives, Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Animal Industry, had Ugandan rice millers calling on government protect them from Tanzanian rice inflows or at least regulate the import of rice so they can have a share of the market otherwise the sector under threat.


Recently the United Republic of Tanzania used import duty on rice to subsidize their farmers with seeds, farming equipment, and because of that, they gained a boost in production which took on the Ugandan market because Tanzanian rice became pocket friendly compared to Uganda’s Kaiso and Super rice type.

In response to the trader’s plea, Kadaga, instructed that there should be two working committees to study Uganda’s capacity, level of investment and how much impact the importation is causing on the traders. It was unanimously agreed that the survey should take two weeks and come back to meet the First Deputy Prime Minister with a report and findings from the survey.

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