REVEALED! Fake DIGP Gen Bakasumba appointment linked to mafia

MAFIA TARGET_ Gen Bakasumba

By Pepper Intelligence Unit

Whereas on the surface it may appear good news, it’s not. This is instead the work of the mafia who are up to no good. We are talking about a fake rumour that has been making rounds on social media that AIGP Maj Gen Jackson Bakasumba has been appointed the new Deputy Inspector General of Police replacing late Gen Paul Lokech.

The rumour which spread like wildfire on social media, to the satisfaction of the mafia, has since been dismissed by the Uganda Police as fake.

“Please disregard all social media posts, making false and baseless claims, about the appointment of the Chief of Joint Staff, AIGP Jackson Bakasumba as the Deputy Inspector General of Police. It is not true and we ask all media platforms to pull down their fake stories,” a statement from Police reads in part.

“We shall effectively inform the public through our proven communication channels, once the position of DIGP is filled, by the Appointing Authority,” the statement continues.

Deputy Presidential Press Secretary, Farouk Kirunda said the president is yet to appoint a substantial deputy IGP.

“Kindly, disregard as fake news reports that Maj.Gen.Jack Bakasumba has been appointed the new DIGP. Please, note that no such appointment has been made by H.E the President and C-I-C. The public will be informed through official channels when such an appointment is made,” he tweeted.

The fact is that internally, when Gen Lokech passed on, Bakasumba who was in 2019 sent to police as Joint Chief of Staff ( a position which makes him 3rd in police power hierarchy after IGP and Deputy IGP), assumed the roles of deputy Inspector General of Police in acting capacity. And to date that is it. According to Internal Affairs minister, Gen Kahinda Otafiire, when a fighter falls, the next in line takes over his roles in an acting capacity, which is the case with Bakasumba. “When a fighter falls, the next in line takes over. I didn’t say Bakasumba was appointed deputy IGP. I said he’s doing the work of the deputy IGP because he’s next in line which makes common sense. In the Forces you cannot afford to have a vacuum..; when one goes off the next in line automatically assumes duties of his superior. He’s just doing the job of a deputy IGP because in the Forces you never have a vacuum but he’s not substantively appointed deputy IGP,” Gen Otafiire said.


We have however learnt that these are games mafia play. That by “appointing him early”, it will make the appointing authority to change his mind and appoint another person.

“When the mafia learns that you are being vetted for a certain job and chances are high you will go through, what they do is to act fast and ‘appoint you’ themselves through the media,” a security source says and hastens to add that this is common in cabinet appointments.

“When the name goes out there, then it wakes up that person’s enemies who then starts writing to various agencies and even the appointing authority with a number of allegations only meant to tarnish that person’s name before the appointing authority. Many people have lost out in this way….”

And because sometimes the appointing authority doesn’t like being second guessed, unbeknownst to mafia games, he may end up appointing someone else of their choice leaving behind well intentioned, patriotic and workaholic Ugandans. It cannot go unmentioned that there are various voluminous dossiers before the appointing authority, ministry of internal affairs and parliament, all alleging so many things against Gen Bakasumba and some are related to 2021 election campaigns. All this is the work of the mafia. In fact when rumors of his appointment as DIGP started spreading, the same mafia called Pepper Digital and offered to give info (which we are still verifying) implicating the former as not a clean man and not fit for the position.

Gen Bakasumba has been credited for outstanding performance in the eight months he has been serving as JCOS-UPF. Just like Lokech, he is also a decorated military man from Bundibugyo district in the Rwenzori region.


He has tried his best to revive the glory of Uganda Police and recently publically attracted President Museveni praise on protecting human rights.


While speaking during the pass out of 43 commanders who had just completed a four months intermediate command and staff course at the Police Senior Command and Staff College in Bwebajja, along Entebbe road in Wakiso district, Gen Bakasumba warned the cops on human rights violations.

He called upon the police commanders to ensure that they respect the human rights of citizens. He warned that those who would serve contrary will face it rough. He assured the commanders that the training they got should be applied while conducting their day to day work for the force. Gen. Bakasumba is said to be on a good path of mitigating the intrigue within the police force.


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