IGG Moves to Probe Mess At Entebbe Municipal bosses

Embattled Clerk Magumba

The world seems too narrow for Entebbe Town Clerk, Charles Magumba, after councilors at Entebbe Municipal council reported him to the Inspector General of Government (IGG) on how service delivery at Entebbe Municipal is being messed up by the technocrats.

The councilors raised their concerns to the IGG-Beti Kamya as she conducted an induction seminar for local leaders in Entebbe and she was shocked to hear from councilors that some of the essential services don’t reach taxpayers. Councilor Ahmed Bawonga told the Inspector General of Government how the council contracts committee is rotten and corrupt to the extent of inflating costs for their personal benefits. He cited corruption in awarding the contract to the contractor to regreening Kiwafu and

Bugonga playgrounds saying the work done is substandard and there is no value for taxpayers’ money. Councilor Rebecca Nansamba told the IGG that every year council passes the budget to cater for public toilets within Entebbe but to her surprise three of the public toilets are not working because they lack water to flush human wastes.

She cited the toilets at Children’s park, Bus park and mayor’s garden which says have not been working for almost two financial years yet council appropriates money to cater for their maintenance and asked the IGG to swiftly investigate the matter.

While reacting to concerns raised by councilors, IGG Beti Kamya acknowledged that corruption rotates around accounting officers who approve council transactions and pledged to investigate the mess within council that is hindering service delivery in addition to bringing the culprits to book. She rallied councilors to create awareness among locals so as to unmask corruption by showing how it has affected delivery of quality services.

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