Ex- Uganda Airlines CEO grassing


Reports reaching us reveal that all is not well with former Chief Executive officer (CEO) of Uganda Airlines, Cornell Muleya who is burning on Katebbe following his suspension over allegations of corruption and mismanagement of the airlines. Muleya who was at the helm of the airline for close to one year and half was replaced with Jenifer Bamuturaki who is holding the fort. Sources close to Muleya intimated to us that apparently he is not doing well financially ever since he lost his juicy job and that he is worried of his fate since investigations into his matter seems not to come to an end. Sources close to him intimate to us that life is no longer the same for him. A close pal revealed that Muleya is optimistic that he could be reinstated on the juicy job he enjoyed for a short while. Sources within Uganda Airline intimated to us that ever since Muleya and his accomplices were suspended from Uganda Airlines, the airline is struggling financially and that has kept their hopes alive that they can fix the problems once they are reinstated.

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