BAD DAY! Otafiire shirt lands him in trouble

Opendi buttoning Gen Otafiire’s Mandela shirt to the dot

The minister of Internal Affairs Gen Kahinda Otafiire last week survived being thrown out of parliamentary chambers due to the alleged poor dress code.


This was after Otafiire walked into the chambers clad in a well-known shirt fabric weave. Kampala Central MP Muhammad Nsereko took to the floor during the plenary and castigated Kahinda Otafire for putting on “a curtain like material” which is against the parliamentary dress code.


Nsereko wanted to know why Gen Otafiire had entered into the chambers poorly dressed against the parliamentary dress code.


The Deputy Speaker of Parliament Rt. Hon. Anitah Among defended Gen Otafiire saying that he was wearing an African wear which is allowed in parliamentary chambers.


Gen Otafiire boldly took to the floor and told Nsereko that he was wearing a Mandela Shirt also assuring him that parliament is not a fashion wear show room as he thought.


This compelled Tororo District Woman MP Sarah Opendi who took to the floor to advise Gen Otafiire that usually Mandela Shirts are buttoned completely not leaving some parts of the button open with the chest out. She even offered to help in buttoning them.


He was saved by the Minister of Health Dr. Ruth Aceng who advised Gen Otafiire to unbutton some buttons to avoid suffocation.

According to the Parliament Rules of Procedure, MPs are supposed to dress in a dignified manner with men required to dress in suits, pairs of trousers, jackets, shirts and ties. Kanzus or safari suits are also allowed for men. Female legislators are supposed to wear decent blouses, skirts or dresses and jackets while Army representatives are allowed to wear their uniform.


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