Winners, Losers in Nabbanja, Onek War named

The meeting on prompting of VP Aluppo was just for PR purposes but the winner remains the PM

By Pepper Intelligence Unit

Political analysts have predicted Premier Robinah Nabbanja to have a last laugh following a public fallout with disaster minister Hillary Onek and other four ministers at OPM. Why? When Museveni informed Nabbanja of his intention to handover the PM docket to her, he told her to mentally and physically prepare for the task ahead. He told her that some of the people she was going to supervise are thugs, others are past sale date (read expired), and others are 5th columnists who largely serve for themselves. He further told her that others were used to wetting beaks, and some were good but disoriented and lazy. He told her to engage gears according to each. He told her to take services to the people. In that crusade of service delivery, the status quo had to change. It is within that same spirit that he turned tables at URA by ushering in CG Rujoki era; Irene Kaggwa-Sewankambo at UCC; Dorothy Kisaka at KCCA; NIRA; Jenifer Bamuturaki at Uganda Airlines; Gen Paul Lokech(RIP)- Gen Sabiiti Muzeeyi-Gen Jackson Bakasumba-Col Sserunjogi Ddamulira, Brig Geoffrey Golooba, and Col Jessy Kamunanwire in Police; Brig Gowa Kasita, Col Geoffrey Kambare and Col Johnson Namanya at Immigration and Citizenship Directorate among other areas including political appointments.

So, when it came to the PM docket, Museveni had to deploy Luwero guerrilla war tactics and Nabbanja, a simple lady from Kakumiro synonymous with Bitengye attires and a rosary, had to execute that task.

She hit the ground running and the Oneks’ could not cope up with these tactics’ demands. They used to come to the office, enjoy AC, sign some documents, attend benchmarking meetings/conferences and return home. But Nabbanja came with new tactics including use of Boda boda’s to reach the wananchi to the surprise of Oneks’ and other OPM bureaucrats. It is not only Onek, but other four ministers under OPM also protested Nabbanja’s tactics.

The dilemma with Onek, pundits say, is that he should accept to be bulldozed by people of his daughter’s age or go into retirement honorably. Moreover he has seen it all and he is one of the wealthiest politicians in Uganda. This explains why Nabbanja has received public support in the wake of this saga and a mere fact that the President has remained quiet, it shows his approval of Nabbanja’s tactics. The only wise thing Onek can do is to toe the line and go in peace in the next reshuffle. The meeting on prompting of VP Aluppo was just for PR purposes but the winner remains the PM. The likes of Onek, according to pundits, this is the time for them to leave the stage for Bazzukulu. It is the time for fisherwomen and men and anybody who doesn’t approve of them must shape up or ship out. The Nabbanjas’ must make it unpalatable for those who want to remain but can’t shape up. Analysts say, it is the soft way to reprimand those who are not up to their game that look “you either learn, follow or you quit”. The current situation can be compared to that of 1971 when Amin gave 90 days to Asians to leave Uganda. A journalist then asked him what was to happen to those who would fail to honour the ultimatum to which Amin said ‘they would be seated on fire’. So, to observers, people working under Nabbanja and are not up to the game must know they are seated on fire.

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