Woman drags Music promoter Aisha to Police

Promoter Aisha

City music promoter Aisha Nakaayi who claims to be General Salim Saleh’s daughter, has been dragged to police for allegedly threatening violence.

We have it from credible sources that Nakaayi has been dragged to Kira Police station where she is being accused of threatening violence vide case number SD Ref:69/05/10/2021.


The case against Nakaayi was filed by the wife of a Senior Police Officer, names withheld on request, who accuses Nakaayi of many things we can’t mention for legal reasons.

Sources close to the family reveal that the Cop’s wife is not happy seeing Nakaayi close to her hubby. She has reportedly approached several bigwigs in security circles, including Gen. Katumba Wamala, begging them to intervene in the matter by calling her husband to order but all her efforts have proved futile. That this is because of the clout Nakaayi wields by the virtue that she claims to be General Salim Saleh’s daughter. A story is actually told of how the Cop’s wife a few days ago caused a scene at some hotel in Namugongo. Snoops reveal that the Cop’s wife threw such a wild tantrum. She reportedly found her hubby and Aisha seated in the same car. It was after the said fracas that the wife rushed to Kira Division Police station to file a case against Nakaayi.

Aisha Ex-lover Fred Seruuzi

Sources reveal that Nakaayi used to date a dude only identified as Fred, who formerly worked with the defunct Uganda Taxi Operators and Drivers Association (UTODA), although they are no longer seeing Eye to eye because she dumped him.

We have learnt that following their bitter split, Fred got estranged from Nakaayi’s house in Bunga along Kalungu road and returned to the home of his wife only identified as Christine, in Lubaga from where he had fled when he had hooked up with her (Nakaayi).

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